Residential Carpets.
Upholstery Treatments
Thompson Carpet Cure is an environmentally friendly
company that uses proven methods to clean your carpet, upholstery
and also provides detailed  home and business cleaning services.

  • uses a Citrus Based Cleaner which is a healthier, more
    effective way to clean your carpet and furniture.
  • incorporates the Bonnet Cleaning System which is tough on
    stains and gentle on your carpet fibers.
  • reduces carpet drying time to an approximate 1-2 hour period
    as compared to the traditional 2-4 hour extraction methods
  • offers a free carpet protector to extend time between cleanings
    and prevent soil penetration and staining.
  • will clean your sofa, chairs, love seat and ottomans without
    saturating the fabric which can lead to mold and damaged
  • will clean all the hard to reach places to eliminate trapped
    particles which cause pollutants and allergens to infect the air
    you breathe.
Commercial Carpets.
Thompson Carpet Cure
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for Residential and Commercial
Insured and Bonded Servicing Central Illinois